Frequently Asked Questions About the DHLC Foundation


Q. What is the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation?

A. The mission of the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation is to provide an effective means to administer contributions to the Foundation so as to enhance the outreach of the Desert Hills Lutheran Church apart from its' general operation.


Q. Who manages the Foundation?

A. The Foundation is managed by a board of directors either elected by the congregation or appointed by the congregation council. Current board members are Neal Engbloom, President;  Judy Gunson, Vice President; Karen Eble, Secretary; Brian Bell, Treasurer; Luke Coker, Council Representative;         Ralph Swenson, Finance Representative; Pastor Martin Overson (represented by Ray Weisgarber), Ed Bonderson, Richard Borstad, Tom Fahey, John Haugo,                 Rosie Hussey, Dale Mathwich, Tom Purdon and Don Duensing (Emeritus).


Q. How is the Foundation income distributed?

A. The distributions of the Foundation may be designated, but not limited, to the following purposes: local missions, outreach, evangelism, scholarships, ministry to youth, ministry to the aged, promotion of worship services, provide for growth, and support to the DHLC pastoral team. The method of distribution will be determined by a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Foundation at the beginning of each fiscal year. The intent of the Foundation is to distribute the net income annually on a one year lagging basis.


Q. Who determines the recipients of the Foundation grants?

A. The board of directors of the Foundation.

Q. How do I make gifts to the Foundation?

A. There are a variety of ways but here are several:

♦ By making an outright gift during your life—gifting appreciated securities could have significant tax advantages where you gift the appreciated stock to the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation and avoid the capital gains tax.

By making a gift under your will or trust agreement to the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation.

By naming the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, annuity, individual retirement account (IRA) or other qualified plan account.

By naming the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation as beneficiary under a "payable on death" (POD) account of "transfer on death" (TOD) account.

By naming the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation a beneficiary under a charitable remainder trust or a charitable lead trust.

By retaining the use of a residence or farm real estate during your life and giving the "remainder" to the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation.


Our gift planner, Greg Shepherd, is available to visit with you without cost to you or our congregation. Greg brings an extensive background in gift planning and will work with you to accomplish your goals to make a charitable contribution through your legacy planning.Greg may be reached by e-mail at or call him at 909.910.6823.


Q. Who are Friends of the Foundation?

A. Friends of the Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation are members who make a gift to the Foundation during their life and/or who have made estate plan inclusions or deferred gifts to the Foundation. We encourage you to let the Foundation know of your gift plans so we can list you as a Friend of the DHLC Foundation. You do not need to disclose the amount or type of gift.


Q. What is the legal name of the Foundation?

A. The Foundation's legal name is Desert Hills Lutheran Church Foundation, an Arizona nonprofit corporation. The address is 2150 S. Camino del Sol, Green Valley AZ 85622. You may contact Ray Weisgarber, Administrator, at 520.648.1633.

Before deciding how to make your charitable gift, you should consult with your accountant, attorney, or other tax advisor.