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Health and Wellness


Health and Wellness Committee

This committee meets the first Thursday of the month at 8:15 am. This committee promotes body, mind and spirit wellness. Educational health forums are planned and implemented by this committee relating to a variety of health issues.

Parish Nurse Ministry

Anna Tometczak, a registered nurse, is our Parish Nurse. She is available for health and wellness consultations, services as a health counselor and educator for our membership as well as a guide to community resources. She administers the Health and Wellness and Care Ministries. Anna is in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Our Parish Nurse does not replace the pastor, professional services such as physicians or hospice, make medical diagnoses or prescribe medications, replace home health care or hospital nursing care, give daily baths, fill insulin syringes, perform tasks assigned to other home health care providers, perform invasive procedures such as giving injections, change dressings, etc.


Spiritual/Compassion/Expressions Ministries include:


♥ Visitation Ministry reaches out to homebound members providing spiritual support, communion, visitation and “healing meals” following hospitalization or serious illness.

 Prayer Ministry offers prayers for healing and thanksgiving. The Prayer Ministry group meets    each Tuesday at 10:00 am in the patio room at the church.

♥ Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 1:00 pm. Shawls are knit,  crocheted or woven by this group and given to homebound and infirm members.

 Flower Delivery Ministry Altar flowers are arranged in small vases and delivered to the ill,  those recuperating from hospitalization or who experienced a loss of a loved one. If you are aware of anyone who needs a gift (shawl, flowers or a card) of compassion and encouragement, please notify the church office (648-1633).

♥ Card Ministry provides cards of Get Well, Thinking of You and Sympathy to members and friends of Desert Hills Lutheran that appear on our prayer lists.

♥ CDs of the Sunday Worship Service are mailed to members and guests who make a request. The cost for mailing CDs is $5.00/CD. Sermons are also available online through this website on the home page (video and audio)

♥ Care Notes booklets give comfort, hope and help in dealing with many health issues or in facing losses of loved ones. These booklets are available in the lobby of the Sanctuary and outside the Parish Nurse’s office.